Leadership Advisory

Our Leadership Advisory Practice We help our clients when they need to re-adress the strategy and alignment of the organization ensuring that key members of the team are engaged and competent.  

Assessing Organization and facilitating changes

Analysis and assessment of the present state strengths or weaknesses

Future state and redesigning of the organitation

Facilitation of the transition

Preparing the human resources for the future scenario

Scientific and technological innovation, expiring patents and the decreasing spending budget of Public Administration, have changed both the business and operative models in the Health Care world. Frezza & Partners assists companies in managing the impact on organizations by:  

    Assessing management alignment to the new scenarios, particularly in terms of leadership competencies

    Evaluating the consistency of other elements of the organization, influencing the effectiveness of the human factor such as the structures, the decision making process, the reward and control systems in place, the design and management of the feedback process

    Supporting the design of the future organization and facilitating the transition as far as human capital is concerned

    Developing the leadership competencies needed for the future

Management Assessment

In a competitive scenario, the quality of the people is the key factor for the success of the team. Frezza & Partners assess the quality of management not only against a standard but also against what is available on the market. We assess managers against a leadership model which is adapted to our client, fundamentally based on:  

Knowing where to go, which implies technical competency, business understanding, market knowledge, ability in gauging trends and defining a vision of the future

Communication, involving the appropriate internal and external stakeholders in an effective way

Mobilizing resources, influencing and motivating members of the organization, different functions, subordinates, partners, suppliers and customers, leading them to objectives, monitoring at the same time the direction taken and the results achieved

Our process includes interviews, case analysis, psychological tests and if required, 360° feedback collection. Our reports are tailored on custom and clients needs: informative, to support decisions on organizational issues, and action-oriented to capitalize on individual strengths or to improve weaknesses.

Talent Management

The quality of the Human Capital depends on the ability of an organization to attract, engage, develop and return on talent. Frezza & Partners supports companies with an integrated Talent Management service including:  

  • %Profile definition
  • %Search
  • %On-boarding
  • %Assessment
  • %Development plans
  • %Feedback and individual Coaching
  • %Career counseling
  • %Evaluation of roles versus talent’s expectations