Executive Search


Executive Search

On behalf of our clients and according to their specific needs and briefing, we identify, approach and assess potential candidates for Senior management, Executive and VP appointments across the whole functional life sciences-specific spectrum (Discovery & Development, Manufacturing, Sales & Marketing), as well as cross-industry Enabling Functions (HR, CFO, CMO, CIO, etc.), either within direct competition or in related and compatible industries.

As part of the process we offer – if requested – an organizational picture of direct competitors in specific niche markets, or a mapping exercise of relevant organizations.

Strategic Talent Acquisition

Focused and specific consultancy in Health Care (including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, diagnostics, healthcare services, and relevant sectors.)

Proactive ongoing talent identification in “critical” functional areas (discovery research, pre-clinical, clinical and pharmaceutical development, regulatory, manufacturing, medical affairs, market access) as well as for specific niche/narrow sales & marketing roles, allows us to reduce search times.

Our networking capability allows us to approach the market identifying “hidden” and/or “passive” candidates.

Search Approach and Process

Each search initiated is treated as a “new” search and therefore rigorously approached systematically and methodologically in order to achieve the desired result: i.e. candidate placement.

For each search, based on industry and market knowledge as well as an impressive network we are able to speed up the process and provide fast and effective results.

In fact, we prefer to rely on our experience, market knowledge and industry networking, while we consider the database just a “support”.